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Our mission is to make a difference for our people and planet by applying technology. We serve towards this mission via various for-profit and non-profit OurVil projects and partnerships.

OurVil was founded to make a difference for our people and planet.
OurVil serves towards this mission via OurVil projects to make a difference and by supporting other non-profit organizations. OurVil’s other paid services help pay for these OurVil projects.
Let us know if you would like to help, donate, contribute, participate, or even learn. We would greatly appreciate your helping hand. Thank you!

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We are located in Central Texas in Austin metro area.
We also serve clients remotely, anywhere in United States.

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Whether starting from a clean slate or giving a makeover, our clients trust us as their technical partner on their journey to SUCCESS, because we deliver quality, effective solutions while keeping it easy for them.​

About us

At OurVil, we are committed to bringing your ideas to life and helping people & the planet.

Our mission

Our mission is to make a difference for people and the planet by helping people and entities apply technology at it’s best.

Our offer

We help you design and develop efficient and effective solutions and user experiences to deliver value to  your stakeholders.

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